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    Know how your industry can benefit from tokenization, but want to focus on business opportunities without immersing yourself in blockchain technology?

    NEXUS is an end-to-end SaaS solution that enables easy integration of public and private blockchain infrastructures into your business. You can manage tokens like digital currencies and assets without technical knowledge of digital wallets, crypto trading or handling.

    NEXUS supports multi crypto- and fiat currencies, enabling global exploitation and diverse business models.

    The NEXUS platform is successfully used in different settings, including Broker, Merchant, Custodian, Trading and Stable Coin issuing.

    Nexus enables automated token, crypto and fiat transaction processing. Trusted by frontrunners like Bitcoin Suisse and DLT Markets.

    Partner Models

    Partner Models


    Intuitive User Interface

    No technical skills are needed to operate the system. The platform includes a 24/7 Health Status Dashboard with comprehensive overview of system status, including servers, API calls, transactions, wallets and connection to exchanges.

    NEXUS is built on robust technology. The platform provides a competitive cost efficient infrastructure for wallet and blockchain database management.

    Cost Efficient Infrastructure
    Comprehensive set of APIs

    NEXUS SaaS and APIs enable you to directly start integrating tokens into your business while maintaining focus on your core competence. It comes with a comprehensive set of APIs for integration with backend systems, web-pages and apps.

    NEXUS includes tools for customer management (AML, KYC, fraud prevention). For instance, it generates compliance reports accepted by an AA- (Fitch rating) bank. All FIAT- and Token transactions and operations are fully traceable and auditable.

    Compliant Customer Management
    Instant Fiat and Crypto Transactions

    NEXUS offers interfaces with multiple payment methods, including credit card, Sofort, GiroPay and iDEAL to enable integration with existing financial (FIAT) banking systems.

    NEXUS comes with advanced trading algorithms that minimize volatility & counter party risks through automated crypto position balancing.

    Risk Management

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