Through combining the blockchain experience of Quantoz and the energy expertise of Energy21, the two Dutch companies have created a powerful blockchain concept that enables local energy communities. Subsequently, Energy21 and the Dutch grid operator Stedin have further explored this concept and implemented this in a live pilot project.

Utrecht (NL) – If we want to go towards an open energy market, demand and supply have to be in balance at any given moment. But with an increasing infeed of distributed renewable energy production, there is a growing risk of imbalance on both

the demand side and the supply side.

To allow more renewable energy sources to be included in energy systems in a sustainable way, Quantoz and Energy21 jointly designed and developed the concept of the ‘Layered Energy System’. The Layered Energy System enables a decentralized and layered energy-sharing economy for local energy communities.

The Layered Energy System was created with the idea that technology is not the issue in the energy transition, but that the right incentives need to be provided. It is designed to stimulate all stakeholders in the energy market, operating on different layers, to interact with each other and participate in a local energy market. By organizing both demand and supply bottom-up as well as top-down, energy flexibility can be optimally shared with a financial stimulans.

To enable these local energy markets, the system makes use of blockchain technology. This technology provides the trusted environment for managing energy supply and demand offers, as well as the immutable storage and financial settlement of the energy transactions.

After Quantoz and Energy21 have jointly worked on the conceptual phase of the Layered Energy System, Energy21 has been able to successfully implement the concept together with the Dutch grid operator Stedin to create a local energy community in

Hoog Dalem. Other projects are being set up to expand the concept from local energy markets to local grid capacity markets.

You can read more about the Layered Energy System in our publication.
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